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Our Mission: Safely Relocating Bees for a Buzzing World

At Adkins Bee Removal, we’re passionate about protecting both people and bees. Our team of experts specializes in live bee removal and relocation services. With years of experience, we’ve honed our skills in safely handling bee colonies from various locations, including walls, roofs, chimneys, and shrubbery.

We’re not just bee removers; we’re bee enthusiasts. Our commitment extends beyond removing bees – we also eliminate honeycomb to prevent further issues with rodents, bugs, and structural damage. When you choose Adkins Bee Removal, you’re choosing a team dedicated to creating a harmonious balance between humans and these essential pollinators.

Live Bee Removal

Our highly trained team specializes in safely removing live bee colonies. Whether they’re in walls, roofs, attics, chimneys, or trees, we handle it all.

Honeycomb Elimination

Beyond bee removal, we ensure that honeycomb is completely removed to prevent future issues. This helps avoid problems with rodents, bugs, and structural damage.

Consultation and Prevention

We provide expert advice to prevent future bee invasions. Our mission is to maintain harmony between humans and these vital pollinators.

Commercial Pest Control

Professional treatment options for businesses, commercial and governmental facilities


What We Do

Honeybee Removal

Fast, effective bee removal in any home or business.

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Bee Extermination

Effective solutions for extreme bee problems.

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We provide all kinds of services for bees and take care of them.

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