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How to get rid of bees

Yellow jackets are common for building ground hives. Yellow jackets look similar to honeybees. They are sometimes called meat bees, or sweet bees because they eat meets & sugars. Knowing what kind of wasp or bee you have in the ground may be the first step to the problem. Honeybees dont usually build nests in ground unless the area is against a bank, rock, or structure in the ground. Bumblebees may also nest in low structures, or in the ground. The best time to observe ground bees is typically between 10 am and 3 pm when it's not raining.

Except for honeybees, most if not all of these ground bees will abandon their nests late in Fall season, however many times bee species like yellow jackets, wasps, or bumblebees will return to the grounds unless the nest is dug up or physically and removed. Ground bees are an important part of organic pest control as well as pollination.

Some common nuisances happen when the land or area needs to be tended to but bees or wasps in the ground are delaying the work. Another concern is that of people or animals being stung. For additional help call the bee removal hotline.

At times people want to know how to kill or remove ground bees themselves. Removing bees in the ground can be dangerous, but actually pale in comparison to effectively remove bees in a structure. Here are some do's and don'ts to take into consideration when killing, exterminating or removing ground bees and wasps.
▪  Typically the best time to kill bees in the ground, or to remove and relocate ground bees is very early morning or late in evening, just after sunset when all or most of the bees have returned and are in the ground.
▪  To kill ground bees, people have dumped gasoline down or on the hole and then light it on fire, using gasoline to exterminate or kill bees in the ground is not a typically recommended solution.
▪  It is often time and cost efficient to get help from a bee guy to remove bees in the ground. If your recieving bad news about pricing perhaps try calling someone else.
▪  For additional questions or help try the bee hotline (US & Canada).
▪  Using protective gear is highly recommended. If a chemical is being used, a dust, or aerosol insecticide that is labeled for the ground bee species is a wise choice.
▪  What ever is being used after application have something ready to plug the hole such as a rag, foam or dirt. It is not uncommon for ground bees to have more than one hole or entrance, if you are trying to kill the wasps or bees in the ground, make sure you inspect the area first.

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