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How to get rid of bees

How to Kill Bees

How to kill bees or how to exterminate bees is an often sought with do-it-yourself (diy) bee removal methods. Most people aren't going out of their way to kill bees, but looking for ways to get rid bees near the house or in a area that needs to be accessed, e.g. chimney, wall, roof, eave, shed, owl or bird house, etc. If you have honey bees on a bush or tree and the nest is perhaps the size of a football or basketball, they may have just arrived as a swarm, often they rest for a few days before moving on.

Bee identification & DIY
Knowing out what type of bees they are will help with finding a solution. If you're not sure what kind of bees you have visit our bee id chart. If your handyman there may be additional options. Live removal is a often preferred vs killing or exterminating honey bees. If you're trying to kill ground bees view our how to kill ground bees page for tips. Do it yourself (DIY) methods to exterminate or kill bees when they are in the wall, roof, or attic are very difficult and not recommended.

Other options
The great majority of the time, trying to kill a bee hive in such a location creates bigger problems, and recurring problems down the road. For help solving a bee problem call the bee hotline, or request a callback. Options for discounted & free bee removal are usually better than trying to remove bees structurally yourself.

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