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How to get rid of bees

Trap out Method

The alternative to opening the structure to get rid of bees remove the bees and honeycomb, is called a trap out. Trap out may commonly be used when opening the structural isnt an option. Trapout involves configuring a trap so that the bees can exit the structure and not re-enter. An empty bee box is set nearby to encourage the bees to move into the bee box.

Removing honey
Once the bees have been trapped out and the removed, a domesticated beehive is set near the opening; the bees smell the honey from the hive that was trapped out, then enter the structure and day by day extract the honey out of the structure and into their beehive. It can take a week or two to complete the process. Trap out have some disadvantages though it is much better then leaving the honey in the structure.

The main disadvantage of a trap out:
• The scent of the previous hive can re-attract a new beehive.
• takes much longer & requires multiple trips.
• trapout can be a nuisance for the property manager.
Occasionally a trap out can cost more due to additional time, effort, and liabilities. If you think you may need a trapout, call the bee hotline, or request a call back.

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